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Cows and Negligence in New York

If you let your cows wander in New York you can be sued for negligence. It’s a shame. The cow is a notoriously adventurous animal. Keeping them fenced in can be extremely difficult.

The lower courts had applied a more general liability test for domestic animals. However, due to the cows wonderful nature, the judges chose […]

Theme Park Lawsuits: Why it’s Safe to Ride that Roller Coaster.

Sometimes when people visit theme parks someone will try to get out of riding a ride become of some story about the ride being unsafe. They heard it online or vaguely know of a story.  You might let them get out of the ride.  But, when it comes down to a legal perspective, theme parks […]

Car Black Boxes – The Impact Your Car’s Onboard Computer

Over 90% of cars in the United States have a device called an event data recorder (EDR) that can record data regarding a driver’s driving habits. These devices record consistent statistical data regarding how a vehicle is being driven. It records your speed, breaking, use of signals, acceleration, and it can even record how many […]

Falling on the Finish Line

A woman at a Finish Line Shoe store suffered injuries to her foot when a credit card machine fell off of the counter and landed on her foot.  The woman hopes that the money she wins in the lawsuit will allow her to never have to shop at a Finish Line again.

Almost exactly a year […]

The Daytona Crash: Legal Ramifications

On Saturday February 23, 2013, a number of spectators were injured as a result of a ten car crash during a race at Daytona International Speedway.  Approximately 30 onlookers were injured when the crash propelled debris into the stands.

A wheel from one of the cars event went through the protection fence.

The situation is an absolute […]

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