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Cows and Negligence in New York

If you let your cows wander in New York you can be sued for negligence. It’s a shame. The cow is a notoriously adventurous animal. Keeping them fenced in can be extremely difficult.

The lower courts had applied a more general liability test for domestic animals. However, due to the cows wonderful nature, the judges chose […]

Theme Park Lawsuits: Why it’s Safe to Ride that Roller Coaster.

Sometimes when people visit theme parks someone will try to get out of riding a ride become of some story about the ride being unsafe. They heard it online or vaguely know of a story.  You might let them get out of the ride.  But, when it comes down to a legal perspective, theme parks […]

How to be a Good Samaritan and not get Sued

Most states have some version of a Good Samaritan laws. The underlying idea behind these laws is to protect people who render aid in emergency situations.  If the helper uses reasonable care and the person in need doesn’t object, then the theory goes that the Good Samaritan should be protected from liability.

Yet, every so often […]

Private Roads are No Place for Common Sense

A new Arizona law would make it a requirement for Arizona school busses to stop at private road stop signs and flash warning lights.

The law was prompted because a child was killed in 2008 when she was struck by a truck after exiting a school bus. The bus wasn’t using warning lights because it was […]

Traffic Cameras Need to Make Streets Safer? Time to Remove Traffic Cameras.

Photo enforcement cameras have come under significant scrutiny over the last few years.  Not only do people dislike the increased chance of traffic tickets, but there has been concern that traffic cameras actually increase the chances for traffic accidents.  I know my reactions are spot on when a sudden bright flash obscures my sight.

Now, Arizona […]

Distracted Driving

Distracted driving has always been an issue.  People could be eating, day dreaming, or more recently talking or texting on cell phones.  In a study from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, it was found that almost half a million people were injured as a result of distracted driving in 2009.

Though Arizona doesn’t have a […]

Personal Injury: Tips to Successful Case

Please find the following tips for a successful personal injury case.

  1. Make sure your vehicle is in prime working condition.  Get a diagnostic every six months and keep a copy of the mechanic’s report in your vehicle.
  2. Don’t wait for the other party to file a police report.  You should get a record of the accident […]

Car Black Boxes – The Impact Your Car’s Onboard Computer

Over 90% of cars in the United States have a device called an event data recorder (EDR) that can record data regarding a driver’s driving habits. These devices record consistent statistical data regarding how a vehicle is being driven. It records your speed, breaking, use of signals, acceleration, and it can even record how many […]

Car Recalls and Personal Injury Lawsuits

March saw car recalls from Ford and Subaru.  Recalls present an interesting dynamic regarding personal injury lawsuits.  The defects could reduce either individual’s potential liability or remove it all together.

Take the reason for the Ford recall as an example. Ford recalled 230,000 minivans from cold-weather states to fix a rust problem that could cause third-row […]

Medical Malpractice and the High Threshold in Arizona

Under title 12 of the Arizona Revised Statutes for a plaintiff to be successful in a medical malpractice claim they must demonstrate that the health care provider failed to exercise the care of a prudent individual of his or her specialty.

Expert witnesses are typically retained to support the plaintiff’s argument.  But,  many cases concluded with […]

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